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voicetracking for radio and webcasts / podcasts

Charlee Redman is a solid professional broadcaster with nearly 20 years of radio history. Her innate talent of sharing those day-to-day
occurrences in all our lives has gained her a large and loyal following in many marketplaces. And it makes her the perfect female
voice over talent to deliver the voicetracks that will guarantee your desired radio market share!

Charlee can provide the voicetracking for YOUR radio show with as much - or as little - personality as you require. Charlee will even include all sorts of local information designed specifically to be of interest to your target radio station market. Charlee can also provide voice imaging and station identification so that your sound is as professional as it can be.

All of Charlee’s voice over work is delivered via e-mail in the file
format of your choice, or can be sent to you CD overnight. Charlee also has a phone patch readily available, and ISDN available by request, so that you can personally direct your recording session. And, if it’s easier, you can also download your radio station voicetracking directly from this site.

Charlee loves radio! And she’d love to give you the voicetracks you need in order to guarantee the success of your station. After all - it’s what she’s spent most of her life doing . . .

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voicetracking voice over demo
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