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Many factors go in to deciding what you are charged for the
professional voice over work you will receive.

Factors like radio or television market size, amount and type of
voice over work required, whether or not the voice over broadcast is
local or regional or national, how long the run of the voice over
campaign is, and whether we are looking at a professional voice
talent buyout or retainer scenario will all play in to the discussion
you will have with Charlee about the cost of her services.

Please bear in mind you also have the option of having your voice
over work fully produced - and that of course would also impact the
final cost of Charlee’s professional voice talent services.

Charlee would appreciate you taking the time to fill out the form
here to the best of your ability in order to provide her with as much
information as you can about the voice over work you are looking
for. Charlee will respond within a 24-hour period in order to discuss
your needs. And please understand - if it's not done to your
satisfaction at this end, it's produced again! Charlee will insist . . .
rates at charlee

Charlee happily accepts payment for her professional voice overs by cheque or money order, via bank transfer, or through Paypal using your major credit card. In fact, you can pay Charlee for her voice over artistry right now ...

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