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female voice over talent

on-hold messaging, and IVR voice prompts

Charlee makes a great first impression! And she understands the importance of making your customers feel comfortable . . .

Charlee’s on-hold messaging can provide the corporate and professional image you want for your business. Or she can make you sound as fun and inviting as the image you want to create. Image is everything - and Charlee knows that the voice behind your business message is providing the branding that you want your customers to remember.

Charlee also specializes in phone service voice prompts for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.

Phone prompts, greetings, and on-hold messaging can be delivered to you in the audio format of your choice, ensuring total compatability with your current telephone system.

And ask Charlee about full writing and production services for on-hold
productions, too! Sometimes a girl just has to be able to do it all ...

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Audio Samples
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