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Charlee's also found a couple of e-books she thinks you're going to find invaluable. Click below to learn more.



My Voice Over Guy's Voice Over Career Basics
If you're really serious, then this is your "how to" manual for getting started - a 15 page ebooklet with over 20 years behind it!

Detailed and credible info on marketing, web presence, pricing, etc.

voice over how-to

Interested in taking on the professional VO world? Charlee has
uncovered a couple of good internet resources that just might help
you accomplish you goal. So click away! And Charlee wishes you
the best of luck ...

  Chuck Fresh
  A great selection of voice over publications and more ...
Edge Studios
Credible career advice and a free VO eMagazine ...
Great Voice
Voice evaluations, voiceover coaching, and free advice ...
Broadcaster training throughout the US and Canada
  Todd Schick
An awesome voice coach who’s fun to work with too ...
VO Resource Guide
Casting services, talent agencies, training and demo production, and more!
Voice Hunter
An on-line VO school and some shoot-from-the-hip advice ...


Answered some questions? Good. Maybe now you’re ready to cut
that kick #@*! demo that’ll make you unbearably rich & famous
and fabulously fulfilled. Here are 3 of the finest production gurus
that Charlee’s ever worked with ...
Chuck Duran
Voiceover Demos and Audio Production
amazing commercial, narration, and radio imaging demos ...
Frank Lauraitis
ask Frank about IVR and eLearning demos and lots more too ...
Marc Graue
Marc Graue Recording Studios
a studio that does incredible character demos and more ...