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voice over credits

Charlee has served as the professional voice over talent for
countless clients on numerous voice over projects. And on each
and every voice talent job she’s been involved with, Charlee has
made sure that her clients have been extremely satisfied with the
voice overs that have been delivered.

It’s quite simple . . . if you’re not happy with your voice over artist,
then Charlee isn’t happy with herself either!

Charlee has a guaranteed policy that if you receive voice over work
that “doesn’t work” for you, it will be re-voiced and produced again.

It’s all a matter of being a PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER TALENT.

And as far as commercial voice overs for radio or television, IVR
systems, internet voice work, narration voice overs, station voice
imaging projects, or radio station voicetracking - Charlee Redman is
absolutely nothing if not truly professional!!!

Charlee has also been recently named a national voice of The Stagg Chili Ski Watch. Her updates are heard (and hopefully enjoyed) twice daily in major radio markets throughout the country.

Here are just a few more of Charlee’s very satisfied voice over customers.